Multiresidue Pesticides Analysis in Food and Agricultural Commodities

Concern over pesticides residues in our food supply continues to be a concern for consumers and government agencies both here at home and around the world. Pacific Agricultural Laboratory has been serving clients with high quality legally defensible analytical data since 1996. Demand for multi-residue pesticides analysis for growers and processors continues to grow as audit requirements for both domestic and export markets increases. In the United States, Maximum Residue Level (MRL) tolerances are established for specific commodities by the USEPA and enforced by the FDA. Abroad, MRLs are established by country and by region (Eurogap and European Union are examples). Pacific Agricultural Laboratory is ready to provide the highest quality MRL screening available.

Pacific Agricultural Laboratory uses the AOAC Official Method 2007.01 (Quechers Method) as the primary reference for pesticides analysis in fruits, vegetables, food products and agricultural commodities. Analysis is conducted employing GC-MS/MS and LC-MS/MS analysis. Profiles are designed to meet maximum residue levels (MRLs) established for both domestic and foreign MRL requirements whenever possible.

All pesticides profiles are covered under our ISO/IEC 17025:2005 scope of accreditation, assuring customers the highest level of quality in all aspects of laboratory operations.

Larger Profiles

USDA National Organic Program (NOP) Profile (pdf)
Organic accreditors are now required to analyze a percentage of their customers’ products. This profile is designed to specifically address the new testing requirements for pesticides analysis in crops and foods required by the USDA National Organic Program.

Comprehensive Pesticides Profile (pdf)
This is our biggest profile, with the most number of compounds. This is designed to test the broadest number of food and agricultural commodities for the largest number of compounds possible. When targeted profiles aren’t enough, this s the one to use.

Targeted Profiles

Fruit Profile (pdf)
Customized for compounds registered for domestic use in both tree fruits and berries. Tailored to cover the widest range of compounds possible in one comprehensive screen.

Hops Profile (pdf)
Customized to meet both domestic and foreign MRLs to meet export requirements. Hops are an extremely challenging sample matrix to work with, and PAL has been working with hops for over a decade.

Cannabis Profile (pdf)

PAL comprehensive pesticide residue screening covers over 200 compounds in hemp tissue and products, soil, and water. Please contact us for pricing and compound information.

Acid Herbicides Profile (pdf)
One of our most commonly requested profiles, the Acid Herbicides Profile covers commonly used auxin inhibiting broad leaf herbicides.